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We’ve finally got a show lined up for this friday ! ALL AGES come party!!!!
21:16"You need to look around you now, Moonchild, and recognize the obvious signs that things are getting better. Once you do that purposefully, you will begin to truly enjoy the new chapter you are beginning."
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Cancer horoscope for Sep, 21, 2014 (The DailyHoroscope by Comitic)
Cancer horoscope for Sep, 21, 2014 
You may have gotten so used to a certain person guiding you and critiquing you and offering you advice that you are now afraid to make a move without this person. You are giving your power away, Moonchild. You may have had good intentions in seeking assistance, but instead of using this person as a mentor you have begun to treat this individual as a crutch. It’s good to get feedback and to seek inspiration, but you need to stand on your own two feet now. It’s time for you to start calling the shots.

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ppl who send asks like “youre an asshole” amaze me because its like? do u not think i know im an asshole?? um excuse u, i am the asshole. i am the asshole in chief, leader of the asshole army. i am the leader of the free asshole world. u dont gotta point it out to me.

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