ppl who send asks like “youre an asshole” amaze me because its like? do u not think i know im an asshole?? um excuse u, i am the asshole. i am the asshole in chief, leader of the asshole army. i am the leader of the free asshole world. u dont gotta point it out to me.

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Peace out blond hair.
Day 5.

Extreme pressure over a long period of time may transform coal into diamonds, but intense pressure isn’t good for human beings. You may be laboring under the assumption that if you put yourself under a lot of harsh pressure you will perform better and accomplish more. It’s almost like you feel guilty when you’re too carefree. Once you start enjoying yourself, you figure there must be something more practical that you should be doing to attain a success or accomplish a mission. That’s too much pressure, Moonchild. Blend your ambition with periods of relaxation and enjoyment, and you will find success.

10:58"Always bringing me right to my heart where I dwell eternally."
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Thursday Sep 4 2014

Light and clarity will finally shower down upon a conundrum, a dilemma, or a problem of some kind. This is something that has challenged you for a good long while, Moonchild. You may have used that creative mind of yours to come up with every possibility, and eventually it just seemed pointless to keep trying. But today or tomorrow, from out of the blue, it will suddenly all make sense - or at least you will gain the tools you need to figure it out. That’s a very good thing.


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