mi familia

My heart hurts.

You are on a path. It’s a long path. And you have already travelled down part of it. If you look behind - and as a Moonchild you look behind often - you will find many memories that you like, and also many memories that bring you sadness, fear, longing, and other deep and difficult emotions. Lately you have been looking to the past way too often. You feel guilty about something, or regretful, or sad. You can’t seem to let it go. But turn around. The path continues on ahead of you for a long, long way. There is a lot of joy yet to come along that path, but you might miss it if you keep looking backward. Move forward.

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can’t understand how there are humans with low sex drives. theyre prob way more productive

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Breaking down, trying to stay positive.

You may not be feeling very confident right now, Moonchild. Your self-esteem could use a boost. You would be wise to count your blessings and your many virtues as well. But even if you can’t muster enough faith and belief in yourself, you need to pretend you have it. A rare and unique opportunity is coming your way soon. Chase away any thoughts that you aren’t deserving of it. Scatter any thoughts that you won’t be successful with it. Even if you don’t believe it, pretend that you do. Eventually, as you find success, you will.