can’t understand how there are humans with low sex drives. theyre prob way more productive

Soft ball size tattoo for 100 bones // Booking for September at @professional_ink ———————————
562.367.9422 text to book a date. (at Professional Ink Tattoo Studio)
Me this morning lol.
Fit to be tied // More flash available to tattoo @professional_ink ———————————————- Booking for september  562.368.9422
Booking for September // @professional_ink in sun vallley,ca //
looking for some who is down for this piece //
Text me 562.367.9422 to set this up #flash #tattoo #booking #losangeles
2 new pieces up on my site and available for Tattoos // Slave Auction [left]& Bossy bottom party [right] #leather #sadist #traditional #gag
BOOKING FOR SEPTEMBER for my flash work email if interested in getting a tattoo
Breaking down, trying to stay positive.

You may not be feeling very confident right now, Moonchild. Your self-esteem could use a boost. You would be wise to count your blessings and your many virtues as well. But even if you can’t muster enough faith and belief in yourself, you need to pretend you have it. A rare and unique opportunity is coming your way soon. Chase away any thoughts that you aren’t deserving of it. Scatter any thoughts that you won’t be successful with it. Even if you don’t believe it, pretend that you do. Eventually, as you find success, you will.

Me last night at Los Globos

Friday Aug 15 2014

You did everything right in trying to manifest a desire in your life, Moonchild. You thought about it in a positive way. You told yourself it would happen. Maybe you also practiced positive thinking techniques such as affirmations, self-hypnosis, visualization, and so on. And yet it didn’t come to fruition. Now you may be questioning your own ability to think positive. But maybe something higher took over. Maybe what you sought was not meant for you. Perhaps there is something better awaiting the perfect moment. You will soon realize that the best is yet to come.


One down two more to finish // Any one down to get this elephant this weekend?   (at professional ink tattoo studio)
Fun little colur piece I got to do today // @professional_ink thankful for my mentor @tabitha_hammercheek for sharing her knowledge. #professionalink #illuminati #nogods #nomasters #green #madeinla #leathermen #greed #wagesalve #oodt